Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Links and Forms

I recently added a feature to my blog to include various webpages and forms that relate to the tax resolution industry and most importantly my clients and thier specific needs. Please take time to view all of the links. Following I have provided a breif breakdown of the specific links and pages:

- Larson Financial, Inc. - the homepage of the Larson Financial; the company I work with
- Internal Revenue Service - the homepage of the Internal Revenue Service, I find various news, publications, and other handy facts at this link
- Power of Attorney forms, Financial Statement forms, and IRS pages dedicated to explaining Installment Agreements and Offers. Please take a look as it will give you some insight as to how the IRS explains each specific resolution. Also, if you forgot a form or need one please utilize this tool to download the applicable form
- IRS forms and instrutions (2009 and prior tax forms if needed)
- Where to file addresses (more important than you think when you need a quick address of where to file a return with payment or without!)

Enjoy and let me know if any changes, subtractions or additions can be made.