Friday, April 2, 2010

Offer Settled for 5% Of The Liability!

The client came to us last fall with a balance due of $20,000 in personal taxes owed to the IRS. The client had experienced job loss and had to cash out his 401k in order to pay bills and survive on a day to day basis. As you may not be aware, if one cashes in a 401k prior to the necessary retirement age, one can expect to owe a tax and a 10% early withdrawal penalty. This was the case with our client and therefore he came to us here at Larson Financial, Inc. to seek assistance with his outstanding tax debts.

At first glance it appeared the client had a decent job and might be able to afford a $333.00 payment to the IRS on a monthly basis. ($333.00 would be the payment based on a streamlined agreement for the debt to be paid in under 60 months). After further financial review, we concluded with the taxpayer that he could not afford such a payment. We decided to look at his financial portrait again and see if he might qualify for an Offer In Compromise.

After reviewing his financial statement (Form 433-A), all the taxpayer had available to him was a small brokerage account in his name. It had approximately $1,100 in the account. When calculating an Offer In Compromise one must offer the net equity in assets and available income. He spent well below under the national standards for food, clothing, and miscellaneous as well as housing and utilities, transportation, and health care expenses. His income was not that high either. Therefore, we felt he qualified based on his personal financial data. We decided to file for an Offer In Compromise. After waiting for 3 or 4 months, and providing an additional update as to the value of the brokerage account, the Internal Revenue Service accepted our Offer in the amount of $1,100! The taxpayer was more than appreciative and agreed to be a reference for us at Larson Financial, Inc!!

We are pleased to assist with the resolution of another satisfied customer.