Sunday, March 7, 2010

$56,000 Reduced to a $300 Refund!

We recently worked with a taxpayer who owed Use Tax to the City of Golden. When the taxpayer came to us last fall he owed $56,000 to the City of Golden, figures which stemmed from an Audit. Further, the day he hired us the City was getting ready to shut his doors. When we spoke with the City Revenue Agent she indicated she was on her way out to the business location with the Sheriff. We knew the City meant business so we got to work right away.

After speaking with the City it was made apparent to us the client did not supply the City with information to allow them to prepare and assist him with the returns and payment of Use Tax. For those of you who are not aware Use Tax is based on the value of equipment, machinery, tools, etc that are "used" within the business. The City usually assesses a 3% tax based on the value of the equipment used within their jurisdiction. However, the figures used by the State were based on preliminary lists of tools, equipment and machinery, half of which was not used in the business. We had to convince the State to first back off of seizure, which they did. They allowed us time, (1 day) to provide the additional information they had been asking for to come up with a figure that was accurate for the Use Tax. We informed the client of the good news (The City would allow him to remain in business) and he delivered the majority of the documents the very next day.

After months of research, sending in supporting documents to the City, working with the taxpayer and the City, they finally arrived at a figure. The taxpayer had been forced to pay $10,000 to the City prior to working with us. Therefore, he had a credit with the City of Golden. The tax owed for the periods in question, over 5 years worth of tax periods, came to around $9,700. When it was all said and done, he was issued a refund. All liens were released and the taxpayer will continue to operate a profitable business without fear of enforcement.