Wednesday, June 5, 2013

IRS Tax Debt? Consider Partial Payment!

If you or someone you know has IRS Tax Debt, pay attention.  Recently we were successful with implementing a $52 per month payment plan for one of our clients.  How you ask? Simple, follow instructions, file and pay all current IRS Tax Debt, and let Highland Tax Group, Inc. handle the rest.
Our client came on board in February this year after his Offer In Compromise was denied by the IRS. His offer was denied for several reasons; first, he didn't offer what his assets were worth nor what his income and expense discretionary amount was worth, two, he had a bankruptcy attorney prepare his offer for him, and three, his bankruptcy attorney did not fill out the forms correctly.  He has been dealing with the IRS Tax Debt for several years without a solution in sight. After he came to Highland Tax Group, Inc. we immediately proceeded to discuss the situation with the IRS and decided the Offer In Compromise was not the best way to go for our client at this time.  Given the fact our client owes an IRS Tax Debt of $70,000, we figured a partial payment plan may be the best option.
After a review of the necessary financial form with our client we initially determined our client could not afford to pay the IRS Tax Debt at all.  However, we wanted to offer something at this time so our client could at least resolve his IRS Tax Debt for now.  We had to present a lot of information backing up the data listed on the financial form.  Information such as a letter from his parents securing a note, a letter from his parents for a child care expense, and a note from him employer regarding a past due debt, etc.  We also presented bank statements, pay stubs, utility statements, a copy of his lease, and; the IRS even allowed our client an expense for our fee.  If you have IRS Tax Debt you too can get our fee allowed as an expense on the financial statement form.
After 2 or 3 calls with the IRS we successfully set up a 2 year partial payment plan for $52 dollars a month to be applied toward our client’s IRS Tax Debt.  Of course, we are still seeking to file an Offer In Compromise, however, our client needs to make some significant changes to his financial situation, at our direction, in order to qualify.
Another satisfied client as we were able to successfully negotiate a plan to meet his needs and budget as it relates to his IRS Tax Debt.

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