Thursday, June 3, 2010

IRS Error Corrected Results in $9,000 abatement

Today I found an IRS error that helped save a client $9,000. The taxpayer filed his 2008 941 for the 4th Quarter and according to our records he had a zero balance due. Our records retrieved from the Internal Revenue Service also showed the taxpayer had a balance due in the amount of $9,000 for a different quarter, the 1st Quarter of 2009. When we confronted the client with this issue he claimed he didn't have any employees during the 1st Quarter of 2009. We needed to dig deeper.

I asked his CPA for her records. She didn't have any record of filing the 941 for the 1st Quarter of 2009. So I then asked for a copy of the 4th Quarter return for 2008. She gave me not only the return but a 941C which is a corrected version of the same return. They had found some errors and needed to make adjustments. Oddly enough the 4th Quarter tax due was the same amount reported on the 1st Quarter of 2009 IRS transcript record. In the tax world, this rarely ever happens. Therefore, we needed to contact the IRS immediately to see if they posted the return incorrectly.

When I called the IRS today, I was on hold with the representative for over an hour (at $175.00 per hour that is quite the job). After working with him, he picked up on the same error. Apparently, the IRS had incorrectly posted the 4th Quarter return to the 1st Quarter of 2009, without crediting the payments (Federal Tax Deposits) and therefore showed a balance due of $9,000. We asked what the next steps were and he said, "nothing, we will send a notice in 4 weeks informing you of the adjustment, you will not need to do anything further on your end". When we informed our client he was very happy. His debt went from $23,000 down to $14,000!

We will keep you posted as the progress of this file moves forward. We are getting ready to execute a shutdown strategy that could save the taxpayer another $12,000!