Saturday, April 11, 2009

OIC Settlement for $13,000.00.

Mr. Nusz is one of the most appreciative client's I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Mr. David Nusz came to us in the spring of 2007 shortly after I began working with Quantum.

Mr. Nusz lives in Arizona with his family. He works as a handy man and does not have much, nor does he expect much. He was having trouble with the IRS when he came to us with his returns as well as the outstanding debt facing him. First and foremost, he needed assistance with the filing of his returns. We assisted him with filing the correct returns and reporting his income correctly as well. As a self-employed wage earner a lot of individuals do not understand or know how exactly to report and take out tax on the income they receive. The IRS determined he owed close to $135,000.00 after all his returns have posted. We came to the conclusion that Mr. Nusz qualified for the IRS Offer In Compromise Program. The program and its details can be viewed here IRS OIC PROGRAM.

We addressed his situation and ability to repay, put together his financial statement, and submitted the OIC on his behalf. Ultimately, we ended up settling his OIC for pennies on the dollar. Mr. Nusz indicated to us that he had done some homework on the IRS and figured he was in the lower percentage of taxpayers of whom are granted relief. He thanks us just about every other week and not only has he agreed to be a reference for myself and my team, but a reference on this website. I will list his contact information later in the week.

What made this client so special was his thankfulness and appreciation for what we do and he is glad he can "get back to living his life again".