Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Liens Released!!

This particular taxpayer came to us in the late fall of 2008. He had an issue with a few IRS tax liens. When he came to us he was unclear as to if he owed any money, had liens on record, or what he should do about it. After further investigation we figured out the statute had expired on many of the old debts and he had actually paid off the others. We touched base with the IRS and explained the situation and it appeared they had never officially released the tax liens on all debts that were owed prior. They released the liens in question that day and we forwarded the releases to the client for recording purposes. He was extremely happy with our services and was excited to hear the liens that were giving him so much trouble personally, were finally released. He can now go on with his life without fear of the IRS attempting to collect against him.

Sometimes when a client comes to us they are unsure where to turn. The notices they receive read like stereo instructions are not very clear in explaining what to do. Mr. Keplinger knew he was still receiving notices but was unsure on how to proceed. By hiring our services he was able to sleep at night knowing we were facing these issues for him.

Mr. Richard R. Keplinger, is now on our reference list. He has agreed to make himself available for potential clients. Mr. Keplinger can be reached at 304.851.3114.